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Kamp Krusty subtitles

Kamp Krusty ((1992))
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Cast: Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Pamela Hayden, Tress MacNeille, Maggie Roswell, Russi Taylor, Marcia Wallace, Julie Kavner
Directed by: Mark Kirkland
Rating: 8.5 / 10 (3473 votes)
Bart and Lisa go off for the summer to Krusty's camp for kids, but instead of meeting Krusty they meet his bean-counting surrogate... See full summary
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Movie subtitles (43)
Subtitle name Subtitle's language Subtitles for hearing impaired Subtitles for high-definition movie Downloaded Uploader
The Simpsons - S04E01 - Kamp Krusty_(ENGLISH)_DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PTUploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) English subtitles 22 Testing223
The Simpsons - S04E01 - Kamp KrustyUploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Persian subtitles 4 Testing223
The.Simpsons.S04.Complete.DVDRip.XviD-FoVUploaderfloppe Kamp Krusty (1992) Portuguese subtitles 2 floppe
4 TemporadaUploaderJulian_Morris Kamp Krusty (1992) Portuguese subtitles 0 Julian_Morris
The Simpsons Complete Season 4UploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Finnish subtitles 21 Testing223
Simpsons, The (1991)UploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Danish subtitles 0 Testing223
The Simpsons -Season 4UploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) English subtitles 24 Testing223
Mausam 2011 -1Cd.DvdRip.XviD.MP3.ESPAOL.srtUploaderAnonymous Kamp Krusty (1992) Arabic subtitles 12 Anonymous
Simpsons, The (1991)Uploaderreg-ster Kamp Krusty (1992) English subtitles Subtitles for hearing impaired 9 reg-ster
4 01UploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Greek subtitles 9 Testing223
The Simpson S04E01 Kamp Krusty DVDRip XviD FoVUploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Dutch subtitles 2 Testing223
Simpsons 04x01 Kamp Krusty [rl dvd]UploaderAnonymous Kamp Krusty (1992) Portuguese subtitles 3 Anonymous
[04x01] Kamp KrustyUploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Serbian subtitles 0 Testing223
04x01 Kamp Krusty DVDRIP VP7 KEGGERMANUploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Serbian subtitles 1 Testing223
the simpsons 4UploaderAnonymous Kamp Krusty (1992) Turkish subtitles 0 Anonymous
Simpsons TheUploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) Polish subtitles 5 Testing223
Simpsons TheUploaderAnonymous Kamp Krusty (1992) Polish subtitles 1 Anonymous
Simpsons, The (1989)UploaderArcadelt Kamp Krusty (1992) German subtitles 9 Arcadelt
The Simpsons S4E01.FRUploadermihai2807 Kamp Krusty (1992) French subtitles 1 mihai2807
The.Simpsons.S24E01.480p.HDTV.H264UploaderTesting223 Kamp Krusty (1992) English subtitles 3 Testing223
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