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Dasshutsu (S01E11)
Montrer bande-annonce
Cast: Noriko Ohara, Mieko Nobusawa, Kazuyo Aoki, Masato Yamanouchi, Rihoko Yoshida, Ichirô Nagai, Iemasa Kayumi, Masatô Ibu, Masaru Ikeda, Takuzô Kamiyama, Hiroshi Masuoka, Tetsuo Mizutori, Rokurô Naya, Yoshito Yasuhara
Directeur: Keiji Hayakawa, Hayao Miyazaki
Classement: 8.2 / 10 (79 votes)
Monsley flew the Falco to the Salvage Area, to meet up with Territ. He tells her that Patch is really Dr. Lao. Monsley left after she heard the news. On shore Conan, Lana, and Dr. Lao located his flying machine inside a ruined ship. The flying machine was left unharmed. Dr. Lao noted that it was damaged when he escaped from Industria. It can only hover a few feet above ground. In order for it to be able to fly high, it needs a new IC chip which can be found at the Triangle Tower. As they travel through the desert they came across Captain Dyce who left to rot in the desert. He was glad to be found by Conan and Lana. He begs them to free him, but Dr. Lao doesn't trust him. Dyce went to tears because he doesn't want to die this way. Course Conan and Lana know he's on their side so they freed him. Dyce was overjoyed and followed them along their way to Industria because the flying machine only occupies 3 people...
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